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SMHcoders has spent years fine-tuning and enhancing website software to excel in areas such as SEO, security, maintenance, exclusive customization, and adaptable customer solutions across platforms like WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, and more.
Our primary goal is to establish a lasting partnership with your business, ensuring that your online presence yields meaningful results. With years of market experience and a well-established, strategic approach, we are committed to elevating your online business to the next level. Your success is our mission, and we have the capability to make a substantial impact!

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Web Design Process (#7)

Web Design Process Overview

Phase 1

Discovery & Consultation

Phase 2

Web Design & Brand

Phase 3

Engineer & Develop

Phase 4

Support & Enable

Web Design Process

Professional SEO Services:

User-Intent + Keyword

User-Intent + Keywords

Mobile devices are being progressively adopted by the general public. However, they are not capable of handling complicated searches and questions. Due to their limitations, it is important for SEO agencies to accurately use content, website structure, and sentiment so search engines understand a user’s intent.

Web Design

Web Design

Our SEO web design services push many national companies to the top in search results and create long term clients. 

Through the years, website design, e-commerce website design and development as well as search engine optimization, and pay-per-click management have been the cornerstones of our firm with a full-service website support model.

Schema + On-Page Content

Schema + On-Page Content

Schema is a semantic vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in the search engine result pages. It is used to help search engines return more information to their users. Schema markup can also help search engines to display scheduled events.

Internal + External Links

Internal + External Links

Internal links are hyperlinks that direct the reader to a target page on your website, whereas an external link is a hyperlink that directs the reader to a reputable page on a different website. Both are needed to help search engines understand your content and the value it provides to searchers. Internal and external linking should definitely be a part of your SEO strategy because it can boost your rankings.

Local + National SEO

Local + National SEO

The most significant difference between local and national SEO is the keywords you use. Local SEO is optimizing your online content to drive maximum traffic to your website from a particular area. National SEO is reaching customers on a national level. National SEO is a long-term investment using broad keywords rather than geographical terms.

SEO Audits & Reports

SEO Audits & Reports

It’s important to continue researching your competitors, find traffic-driving keywords, build quality backlinks & more. Some audits will include competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, rank tracking, on-page & tech SEO. An SEO Audit is an evaluation and grading process of a website and it’s contents for its ability to appear in search engines. An SEO service should always include a yearly SEO Audit.

Adword Campaign Management | SEO | Copywriting | Email Marketing | Videography | Maintenance, Security + Backups



Phase one in any inbound marketing campaign is attracting the right visitors. Not all website visitors are created equal. Your goal should be to attract those who could benefit from your product and are able to buy. That is why at Horton Group, we help you develop detailed buyer personas to inform your inbound marketing efforts.

We then use proven inbound marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website. These tactics include, but are not limited to:



+ Content Marketing

+ Social Media Marketing

+ Video Marketing


Our inbound marketing services make it possible for any business to succeed online. We provide you with the tools, tactics and team to make your campaign effective.


Once you've attracted visitors to your website, it’s time to begin converting those visitors into leads. This is where compelling CTAs, engaging offers and targeted landing pages take center stage. And the best part is, once you have them set up, these tools act as 24/7 sales reps, funneling in leads while you sleep.

Tactics we use to convert your website visitors into leads include, but are not limited to:

+ Landing Pages
+ CTAs
+ Forms


It’s important to continually monitor conversions, so you can nurture leads with additional customer interactions and content to keep them interested. As leads progress through the sales funnel, you will gain greater knowledge of their opportunities and challenges. This will enable you to position your company as a solution that meets their needs.


Tactics we use to close customers include, but are not limited to:

+ Emails
+ Workflows


Inbound marketing doesn’t just stop at closing customers. These newly satisfied buyers should be treated as an asset to your company. By providing an incredible experience through follow-up, product recommendations and useful resources, you can gain powerful word-of-mouth.


As a result, you will retain loyal customers for years to come and attract new customers. Tactics we use to delight customers include, but are not limited to:


+ Surveys

+ Smart content

+ Social monitoring

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